Humpback Whales in Barbados



Yes, there are Humpback Whales in Barbados at certain times of the year. The cliff tops at the Animal Flower Cave is one of the best places to see them.

The adult whales travel to our warmer Caribbean waters during November/December to mate or to give birth. The seas in the North are too cold for this kind of activity at that time of year, whales are mammals too you know and not keen on icy seas!

We don't tend to begin seeing them until the end of February. The babies have grown a little by this time and have become very playful, often breaching and splashing around. There are usually sightings right through until April.

The whales don't actually feed in these waters whilst on holiday here so they are living off their blubber supplies, once the seas in the North begin to warm up the whales head back to their feeding grounds for the summer.

They come back each year for their Caribbean winter vacation though...




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