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Guided tours of the cave by a group of real Bajan characters! The tours are not at set times so just come along and enjoy the experience.



Yes, swimming!

Inside the last cave chamber there is a natural rock pool that is around 8ft deep at the lowest point. Absolutely perfect and tranquil, closed off from the rest of the world around you you can be at one with nature. Just you and the sea outside.

Come prepared with your swim suits and towels!

Swimming is sometimes not possible on certain days depending on the height and strength of the waves, this is generally during the winter months.




The Animal Flower Cave is located under the cliffs at North Point, St. Lucy, Barbados. It is the island's lone accessible sea cave. It was discovered by its seaward entrance in 1750 by a Welsh naturalist and author, the Reverend Griffith Hughes.

The cave stands six feet above the high water mark although it was formed at sea level.

This has occurred because Barbados is rising at 1 inch every 1000 years.

There are coral steps which lead down through an opening in the roof (former blowhole) into the cave, these steps were built in 1912. 

Inside the cave there still are found some sea anemones which are locally called animal flowers from whence the cave obtained its name. These are seasonal and at some times of the year there will not be many to see HOWEVER the cave itself is still worth visiting!

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The Swimming Pool

The Cave's Floor


The Cave has a coral floor which is estimated to be about 400,000 to 500,000 years old. Whereas the younger coral section above the main floor is about 126,000 years old. This dating was carried out by the German Geological Institute.

The swimming pool is in a chamber all by itself. The totally transparent and absolutely still water does not reveal its depth but looks deceptively shallow.

The smooth floor of the cave worn down by the water and the rubbing action of the coral rocks over time has an undulating formation and the light lends a magical quality to this chamber.

At certain times of the year when we experience large sea swells the caverns become filled with water and the entrance acts like a giant blowhole. 

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