3 Generations and counting...


The Animal Flower Cave has been in the 'Ward' family since the 1920's.


The current caveman is Manuel (Mannie) Ward who inherited the cave from his father in the 1980's. His father had inherited it from his father in the 1960's

The Ward family has a long lineage in Barbados with the first ancestor arriving on these sunny shores 1684. He was an Irishman who was sent from England as an indentured servant for fighting against the English.


The Animal Flower Cave came into the family via Mannie's Grandfather.

It's a #TrueRomance 


Mr Ward (grandfather) was engaged to a Canadian lady from Nova Scotia who, when home sick, would love to visit the one place in Barbados that made her feel closer to home, the cliffs tops at North Point. He would often bring his fiancee to sit on the cliffs to make her happier. What a gentleman!

The man who owned this land was a great friend of Grandfather Ward and as a plantation owner the land was of no use to him (too much salt spray/rocks) so when Mr Ward and his fiancee married he gave the land as a  wedding gift to them.

He had an old bar in place back in the 1920/30's where he would hold 'Dancehall' events on the weekends. The old bar blew down in the last hurricane that Barbados suffered, Hurricane Janet in 1955.

His son, Mannie's father, built a new bar in 1961. Most visitors today remember this,  especially for its 'wallpaper' of visitors business cards/photos/bank notes/anything they can use really to show they had visited.

In 2014, Mannie has continued the family tradition with his wife Sue and they built a new bar too, the old bar could not live forever in the harsh environment in which it is situated. They have incorporated some of the old features that were lost over the years and resurrected old structures to increase the comfort and ease of our visitors.

The next generation hopefully won't have to build a new bar!

We are still a family run business now, even the #CaveGirls help in the holidays.


We are very proud of our beautiful piece of the Rock and love to share it with those who visit us, how could we keep somewhere SO very beautiful all to ourselves?